Have we remembered everybody?

Actually we haven’t.

The following are the names recorded on the St. John The Baptist Church war memorial who died during World War I. There are five other names on the memorial who are not included in this list, these are soldiers who died during World War II. 

The 12 soldiers my project focuses on, whose families lived in Feckenham, are marked * and their biographies can be read here:


I have listed all names remembered here in Feckenham including those from the wider parish as I did not want to completely omit them from this project.  


Harold Watton

Ernest Pearce

Alick Pretty*

Harry Hopcroft

Arthur Watton

James Crooke

Charles Newman

Frank Owen*

Albert Fisher

Edgar Thomas Hawthorne*

Enoch Parker*

Frank Styler*

Alfred George Gould*

Harry Farmer

Wilfred Slade*

Ernest Hicks*

Harry Richmond

Frederick Harris

William Styler

Cecil Burrows*

Edgar Badger


Living in the village and included on the memorial, but records suggest they did not fight in WWI are 

John Dolphin

Edgar Dolphin

For more information about their stories read ‘The Wrong Brother?’ listed on the previous webpage. 


Due to research undertaken by Richard Pearce we have also found two soldiers, whose families lived in Feckenham, that lost their lives in WWI but are not remembered on the church memorial. They will be added by 2018. 

Stephen Rumsey*

Egbert Dolphin*



For more reflection on the soldiers who lost their lives, listen to ‘We Will Remember Them’ in Audio. 

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