Lost Voices

(A Project to Commemorate WWI and its Impact upon the Community of Feckenham)

My special project started with the idea of relating a global issue on a local scale. Looking at The First World War, I wanted to explore the power of the personal and research the process of commemoration locally.

At first, I wanted to create an audio tour around my local village, Feckenham, complimenting an ongoing village project to commemorate the centenary of WWI. Using this, I wished to explore whether something inherently theatrical and participatory was an effective mode of commemoration and remembrance. I still do want to explore this, but in a slightly different way and reflecting upon what I wanted to include, I realised it wasn’t really a “standard” audio tour that complimented what I wanted to do.

So I shifted my focus. Keeping the audio element, I decided a short series of “commemorative episodes” would be better. These episodes would include different ways to remember those lost in the war, such as poems, letters and music and would give the listener opportunity for personal reflection throughout.

My idea then started to grow. (Admittedly I probably got a little carried away.) I wanted to create a resource, a collection of bits of information that one could delve in and out of about Feckenham during WW1 and the 12 soldiers, from the village, who gave their lives. A way to include things I was not able to in my episodes but related to them in some way and was accessible to everybody who wanted to learn.

The 12 soldiers my project focuses on are some of the 24 soldiers that are remembered on the St. John the Baptist Church war memorial; all 24 names are recorded here: 


So I decided the best approach was to make a website. A curatorial project if you will.

Selecting and arranging information I have found and researched myself or that has arisen from the village’s current commemoration project, with the intention to preserve, commemorate and educate. All the while contemplating what is meant by commemoration and rememberance, and the hierarchy it entails.

With this website I aim to connect the place and people of today with the place and people from 100 years ago. Connecting this generation with a previous one, sharing stories and preserving them for future generations.

This website is ideally designed to be read chronologically, but feel free to dip in and out as you wish.